A Digital Academy approach is a great option for students for a variety of reasons. Whether you're wanting to create more individualized learning opportunities, bring students back to your district or attract students from surrounding areas, a Digital Academy gives you the flexibility to address many of the gaps in the traditional setting.


  • Students that left the district for Online

  • Homebound/medical

  • Social issues (ie. bullying, anxiety)

  • Recovery 

  • Dropouts 

  • Classroom/District safety

Using our best practices, you can provide the accountability and social opportunities students need while also providing the needed flexibility. The flexibility given to the students offers them the non-traditional options they sought when they left your district. It is a great win-win for the district and the students!


FutureEd Solutions will assist your district in setting up your own Digital Academy. A Digital Academy will allow your district to recapture students they have lost to other schools and retain students they will lose in the future. FutureEd will provide the training and guidance to assist the district in the Digital Academy set-up and daily operations. Additionally, FutureEd provides the curriculum, licensed, highly qualified teachers, and computers to the students. There is absolutely no financial risk to the district - your district has no upfront cost and will only pay for what you use, for the days your students are enrolled.




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